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Mass Effect 3 Review

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By Josh Montano
March 16,2012

A lot of people are wary of the changes that were made between ME1 and 2, so the question on everyone’s mind is most likely, “How much has the game changed between 2 and 3? Are we going to see more shooter elements or are we getting back to our RPG roots?” I’ll be analyzing ME3’s combat mechanics, leveling system and storytelling, and how these elements are similar or different to its predecessors. Hardcore fans, take note. There’s some changes to the game that may shock you.

Spoilers after the jump.

As most people are aware by now, the story begins in the same place that the demo does: the Reapers, having entered the galaxy, tear through Earth’s defenses and begin what Anderson calls a war. Once you gain control of Shepard you begin making your way to the Normandy, and the game takes this opportunity to walk players through a small tutorial covering the basics. The first mechanic introduced to players is how to use a gun, which hasn’t been changed. Point gun, pull trigger, profit. Weapons still use thermal clips and they’re switched out through a weapon wheel.

Cover, however, has been expanded upon and allows for characters to not only move more seamlessly between cover spots, but also move more gracefully when out in the open. While ME2 essentially punished you at every possible opportunity for not taking cover, ME3 decided to be nicer to its players by introducing a dodge roll, which can safely take Shepard through gaps between cover and offer a little bit of protection if you’re a player like me who frequently gets caught out in the open. While cover is still very important, Shepard’s quick dodge can safely deliver him from a few of his enemies rounds, but not for long. While this addition may not seem notable to some, it’s a significant improvement to the overall feel of combat.

Looking back on ME1, it seems that the older system’s view on customization was to effect not necessarily how Shepard operated in combat, but rather how he or she operated as a character. ME3, I believe, is trying to harken back to a similar level of customization, but keeps it more oriented toward a player’s personal combat style, i.e. obliterating entire groups of enemies over time or singling out single enemies and destroying them at a faster rate. So for players who want more customization for combat, you’ll enjoy ME3’s changes.

Finally, there’s the matter of storytelling. In ME1 the writers took their time to introduce players to the story they were creating, and spread out the entire conspiracy that was the Reaper plot over hours of gameplay. ME2, while more fast-paced than its predecessor, took a similar approach to presenting its story. Players who remember the opening hours of the two games also probably remember that virtually every conversation involving the dialogue wheel had a ton of secondary topics which delved into the universe of Mass Effect, its lore, and how it was affecting Shepard’s current situation. And while the primary arcs for these games were pretty good, it was in the universe-expanding side conversations that really brought the game to life. It immersed players in a universe that people could tell was very well thought out.

  • Story– While slightly rushed at times, it stays true to the style of its prequels and immerses players in a wartime feeling.  9/10
  • Graphics– Amazing environments and effects almost make me forget that humanity’s on its way to joining the “Extinct” list. 9/10
  • Sound– Though some of the music is copy/pasted from ME1, it’s still beautiful and fits with the theme of the current situation. 9/10
  • Gameplay– All the fun of ME2, with better cover mechanics and the ability to dodge.9/10
  • Replayability- While I didn’t discuss multiplayer here, I can assure you it’s not the disaster everyone was expecting it to be, and is actually the best multiplayer game I’ve played in a long time. 10/10
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Mass Effect 3 Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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    07/19/2012, 05:56

    Lovely Game

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