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D-Day 2012

D-Day 2012

Diablo 3 has had quite a shaky launch, but we all love it anyways.

May 15th was the new D-Day…erm…Diablo Day, that is. Starting late Monday night, people began piling up outside of GameStops, Best Buys and Wal-Marts. Those who preordered the game online sat huddled in front of their computer monitors waiting for the clock to strike midnight and Diablo 3 to go live.

This was a night that many people, myself included, had been anticipating for the better part of ten years. Blizzard Entertainment makes fantastic games, and the Diablo series is a prime example of their talent for keeping gamers up late on school and work nights, hacking through deep, ominous dungeons. Their newest title in the series was easily one of the most anticipated games in recent history. With over two million preorders sold, it’s clear that people want to play this game. Midnight rolled around and the floodgates of players eager to start a fresh chapter in the world of Sanctuary, burst wide open.

Unfortunately for these brave souls, hordes of demons weren’t the first roadblock on their way to glory. First, they had to get past “Error 37.”

Error 37 was the message crawling across everyone’s monitor when they tried to play. The servers simply couldn’t handle the heavy load of so many players trying to log in at once. With no login queues or gradual rollouts, every single player hit the Battle.net servers at once and completely overwhelmed them, converting their server farms into the next Chernobyl. It would appear that Blizzard’s controversial decision to cut offline play entirely and require a constant internet connection to play Diablo 3 had backfired. This, of course, resulted in a flood of angry players swarming the forums complaining about their inability to play until the servers were fixed.

While they did recover several hours later, the rest of the night and following day would be more of the same. On numerous occasions, the servers had to be brought down for emergency maintenance and quick patches as bugs were discovered. One particularly vicious bug involved trading a shield to your follower, which left players booted from the game and unable to log back in. Eventually, frustration or lack of sleep sent many players to bed and only the stalwart remained, hoping to squeeze in a few desperate hours between maintenance outages.

But once you got past the rough start, Diablo 3 was everything anyone could have hoped it would be. Blizzard stayed close to the core of their game, delivering a good story, gorgeous cinematics and refined gameplay that always ends with that utterly rewarding experience of watching a boss spew gold and items like a loot-filled piñata.

Ten years is a long time to wait, and that long without releases usually signals the death of a game franchise. However, as millions of players can attest to, Blizzard’s “it’ll be done when it’s done” mentality paid off for them with a polished and completely addictive experience that is going to kill my average amount of sleep per night for months to come.

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Joe "Merzoth" Mansfield


  1. Profile photo of Karaboo
    05/22/2012, 16:40

    Why do I keep hearing about this?!?!? Apparently, Blizzard likes making super addictive games :)

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  2. Profile photo of Evan "Seraph" Bolton
    Evan "Seraph" Bolton
    05/22/2012, 09:36

    I am going to have to pick this up sometime. I heard the launch was pretty rough but people say the game is sick

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