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Steam, Origin & Windows Live

Steam, Origin & Windows Live

As games are increasingly heading to potentially an all digital age, three mainstream services have cornered the market. Steam by Valve, Origin by EA, and Windows Live by Microsoft; these high profile services are pushing to expand online community’s, purchase games online, download games at any time, keep in touch with online friends/groups, and many other functions. So how do each of these services work? Which one is should I tell my friend to pick up? Do I haft to pay for any of the services? How reliable is each service and which one is the “Best” service?

These questions all lead to one thing, the price of games going down. Steam has been the dominate force in digital distribution of games for about 8 years now because it frequently puts games on sale and allows game publishers to put games up for sale for relatively cheap fees. Origin which has just recently emerged, is surviving on Bioware’s high profile titles and some sales. Windows Live on the other hand rarely has sales thus dropping in popularity.

Each service uses a concept call cloud computing which stores information and games server side and lets you access them from anytime without the need of a disc. With increasing functionality from Steam and Origin, gamers are Baffled by the lack of change that Windows Live has achieved over the years, many gamers get frustrated and annoyed at the bugs Windows Live has, resulting in higher prices all around on Windows Live.

So, which service does everyone else like? What server do you think will end up on top in this tug-a-war? Is it quality of the service that counts? Does the price of your games matter the most? All these questions will be flammable topics which will be the incentive for these services to get better… or do they have other plans in the works?

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