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Xbox 360 $99 Bundle

Xbox 360 $99 Bundle

Microsoft is developing a new strategy for selling their consoles which involves a 2 year subscription of $15/month along with the console to drive the price down.  This could turn out to be how Microsoft markets their new 760 console which is currently in development.  This means we can expect lower prices on future consoles and perhaps accessory as the model branches off to other items.

Could this also be part of the all digital model that Microsoft is rumored to be pursuing for their next gen system of digital only distribution?  Many gamers are hoping this will drive down the price of new games if used games are to be phased out.  Sony is also rumored to be considering this approach modeled after the success of digital distributors like steam, origin, and windows marketplace.

The $15 subscription is almost double what you can get for a normal $8/month subscription of xbox live.  In the end, you could up paying more than what a normal xbox 360 would cost but over time.  This technique is used in many business models today and the gaming industry will be giving the model a try.

You can get all the juicy details from http://www.gamespot.com/news/microsoft-confirms-99-xbox-360-6375386

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