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Far Cry 3 Review

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Want to go on vacation on a tropical island lush with vegetation and diverse wildlife? Want to bring down a global crime ring and become a native warrior god while you’re at it? Then you will be glad to know Far Cry 3 will cater to your strangely specific needs. The much awaited sequel to the Far Cry drops you on the beautiful but war-torn Rook Islands where you play as Jason Brody, all-around athlete and extreme sports enthusiast.

By a badly planned sky-diving trip, you and your friends find yourselves kidnapped by bandits led by Vaas Montenegro, one of the most unpredictable, insane, and intriguing villains to have ever appeared in games. Somehow you narrowly escape from capture and find help from the benign natives, quickly embarking on a mission to rescue your friends, save the island, and realize your potential as a warrior for the native Rakyat.


Now Far Cry 3 outfits you with plenty of arsenal with which to dispose of your enemy. But as you trudge through the brush and foliage of Rook Island you will realize that this jungle paradise isn’t a place for simple shootouts and explosions. No, as you learn to stalk both man and beast alike, you quickly learn that hunting is the name of the game.

Personally, this became the most attractive feature about Far Cry 3. As you progress through the game, you can learn several stealth and sneak maneuvers that transform you from a simple boy with a AK to a glorious jungle warrior reminiscent of Rambo himself, bow and all. Now you could ignore the hunt and stealth tactic and use the light machine guns and grenade launchers readily available, but that’s why you’re playing Far Cry and not Call of Duty, for the sheer thrill of the hunt.

fuarkAside from hunting the most dangerous game, you also have the chance to track, kill, and skin the wide diversity of animals that thrive on Rook Island. These skins serve to make equipment and pouches. While at first some of these beasts may be negligible, you’ll soon learn to watch your back even in the jungle, where tigers, dingoes and bears kill indiscriminately. Additionally, some of the plants around the island can be cut to make potent syringes and potions for your travels.


There are many forms of travel on the island, each providing a unique perspective of the island. From off-roading on a buggy to jet-skiing across shark-infested waters to soaring overhead on a hang-glider, the various, beautiful modes of transport assure you won’t be nodding off while you get from point A to B.

srtjdfjhFar Cry 3 conveys a unique gaming experience filled with breath-taking vistas and psychotic coke fiends. That may sound conflicting in text but it is amazing in practice. Titles like these bring a breath of fresh air to the usually stale FPS genre. Believe me, you won’t regret setting foot on Rook Island, it’s worth the occasional tiger mauling.

Replay Value: Very good. The island offers plenty of exploration and the combat is not repetitive if you know how to vary it up.
Playability: Easy to understand if you’re just going in guns blazing. Mastering the art of the hunt might require a bit more finess.
Sound: Everything from the occasional soundtrack, animal growls and screeches, and distant guerilla warfare comes together to enhance the rich ambiance of Rook Island.
Innovation: The elements in Far Cry 3 are not individually innovative but overall blend to make interesting gameplay.
Style: Relaxing and fresh, just like tropical vengeance should be.
Expectation: The hype I had heard from friends built this game up more than I thought it deserved but it did not disappoint. Certainly one of the few games that have held my attention in the last year.

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Far Cry 3 Review, 8.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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  1. Profile photo of rS
    05/10/2013, 23:57

    Probably the best singleplayer I have ever played……. And I don’t know why.

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  2. Profile photo of NikolaXD
    02/19/2013, 14:30

    I like it!!!

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