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Dead Space 3 Isn’t Scary, But That’s Okay.

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After completing the game 99%, (can’t find one artifact) I can confirm that Dead Space 3 isn’t nearly as scary as the first. If you play it a certain way it can scare you, but not nearly on the same level as in the first game. With that being said, this game is a blast and it is a lot of fun. I was expecting to get most of my excitement out of the adrenaline that the suspense and jump scares pumps into you, but you can’t get everything you wish for.

With that being said, the game lack of terror comes from a single source — player strength. You are simply too strong– I even beat it on hard. When I was a third of the way through the game, necromorphs were no longer scary because of my customized arsenal. I never ran out of ammunition, I would shotgun open vents for fun and I wasn’t even playing conservatively. If I was feeling lazy, I would open up bodies with my guns as well and grab ammo from them with kinesis from afar. Sometimes If a particular baddie pissed me off, I would shove a couple of extra rounds into him for good measure. Not once did I even feel like I was running low on ammunition and the same feeling applied to health packs.

Luckily for dead space, the rest of it is very well done. Done well enough in fact, that it’s still a super fun game. The customized guns were awesome, the snowy world of Tau Volantis was a nice change of scenery, and the “conclusion” to the series wasn’t bad. I won’t spoil the ending, but if you stay past the credits you might get a bit frustrated. Good thing the 10 dollar DLC can explain what it meant!

The biggest gripe that I heard people complaining about before the release of the game was how co-op would ruin the single player experience. Don’t worry, single player is just that — single player. There is no AI running around and causing trouble. Mr Carver, the co-op character, is only seen in cut scenes when you run through it in single player.

I would still recommend the co-op. It was a refreshing experience in the dead space world. Even though I feel that the co-op experience could have taken more advantage of having another player with you, such as splitting the players up more often, increasing the number of simultaneous co-op puzzles, having more hallucination sequences, and an increased amount of enemy spawn points,  it was fun to stomp bodies with a buddy. Unfortunately, if you play co-op, nearly all the fear will be gone unless you meet these conditions:

1. Both of you can’t be brave. If one of you is a coward and freaks out more easily than the other, even the more courageous player will be on edge. Try to find a co-op partner who also isn’t a crack-shot. If you both are so good at the game that an army of evil running towards you will be gunned down in seconds, there is going to be an issue.

2. Only play at night and with very good headphones.

3. Play on impossible. My friend and I are good at games, but we aren’t hardcore FPS players. At best we are above average and the Hard difficulty setting in Dead Space 3 was a cake-walk. The jump to Impossible difficulty is needed to increase the chance of a player actually being afraid of deign.

4. Turn off partner revive and the partner locator.

5. Do the optional missions.

If you all of these things you should be able to feel the anxiety and suspense of playing Dead Space yet again — even in co-op mode.

As far as everything else goes, it was a great game with the only other issues I have being a bit of unnecessary drama in the story line– who cares who loves who when billions of lives are at stake and you are on a planet filled with necromorphs– and repetitive level design. The musical score was phenomenal and much more memorable this time around.  The atmosphere was as creepy as ever, and the 20 hours campaign made sure you had gotten your moneys worth. Plus, unlocking tons of things after completing the game for the first time ensures that fans of the series will be satisfied with the amount of plasma-cutting body-stomping action in this lates installment in the series.

Get’s an 8.5 out of 10 from me.

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Dead Space 3 Isn't Scary, But That's Okay., 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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