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Saint’s Row IV Announced

Saint’s Row IV Announced

The next Saint’s Row will take players to the next level of bizarre sand box gameplay with an alien invasion, the Saints leading the free world, and super powered thugs.

Saint’s Row IV comes out on August 23rd for PC, Xbox360, and PS3.Sriv_03_freeze_sc

Judging by the screen shots SR4 appears to run on the same engine as SR3, which isn’t a bad thing. SR’s cartoon style has always played well with it’s wacky humor and reminds the player not to take anything in the game seriously.

With the time Volition has saved by sticking with the same engine, players can hope they have been focusing on the content of the game. This means more vehicles, more customization options, stronger enemies, and maybe a bigger Steelport to wreak havoc on.

Heres the teaser trailer:

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