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FarCry 3: Blood Dragon Stands Alone

The retro-futuristic cyber FPS FarCry 3: Blood Dragon is available for pre-purchase on Steam, and does not require the original FarCry 3.

This trip to what the 80’s imagined 2007 to look like will be available May 1st and only costs $14.99.

This game looks as if G.I. Joe was tripping on acid and was at war with the Decepticons. I first heard about Blood Dragon on Reddit on April 1st, so naturally I thought it was a joke. Well played Ubisoft! Well played.

Judging from the game play footage there will not be many changes to the mechanics of the game. Shooting, enemy A.I., and riding zip-lines mostly look the same other than the lasers and cybernetic body parts. I am curious about what they will do with the crafting system and how it will be different from the original game’s. Will I have to hunt cyber-panthers for their mechanical innards in order for me to craft an up-grade for my cybernetic left eye? Because that would awesome. If I hunt down and kill that cyber-dinosaur teased at the end of the trailer what will that get me?

Only time and laser blasts will tell. I have already pre-purchased my copy, are you gonna get it? Tell me if you are, and what you think about this game in the comments.

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