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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

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Injustice: Gods Among Us attempts its own version of a superhero mashup and to somehow make it a cohesive story…..and they pulled it off quite well. Between the story mode, numerous custom battles, and unlockable content this game has enough bells and whistles to satisfy your inner superhero.


A few animation glitches when fighting and the obvious change from CG to gameplay aside, the game looks great graphically. Characters models are accurately portrayed and the size scale between fighters is also believable. When Doomsday or Solomon Grundy are fighting you are immediately aware of their size and strength.


The environments are on par with the standard for fighting games at this point in the console lifecycle. Each environment is interactive and depending on your character they will either use items as a weapon or an evasive tool. Where the game really shines though is in the level transitions. Some are a bit over the top (namely the Joker punching Superman through 6 brick walls) but it never gets tiring seeing the level of detail placed in each one so you can FEEL how much that hurt.


As NetherRealm is the creator of Injustice your standard Mortal Kombat type of move list is in full effect. Each character has a unique set of special attacks and combo moves pertaining to their super power. Most are very simple to pull off making the game easy to pick up and play.

Don’t think however that this game lacks depth for hardcore fighting fans. When fighting each character has a super meter that when fully filled can unleash an all powerful (yet blockable) super attack. Where things get interesting is if you choose to use it before it’s fully filled.

nightwing and the flash

The meter can be used for combo breaks, enhancing your regular combos, or taking place in a “wager”. When a wager is activated in the middle of a fight both characters choose how much super meter they want to gamble and then cross their fingers. If the player who initiated the wager wins, health is restored to them, if they lose the damage dealt to them is increased. It’s a very cool concept when playing other people but the CPU abuses it a little too much when you’re about to win.

These features aren’t new in the fighting game genre but with polish from the presentation it still feels cool to see Batman and the Joker in this type of clash.

If there is any downside to the gameplay it would be the inconsistency in animations when fighting. While playing in practice mode executing combos I found the hits would register slightly different sometimes messing up the rest of the combos. After checking online to see if others were having the same issue, low and behold they were. In a fighting game where timing and combos are everything this can be highly annoying.


Now this was a pleasant surprise, a fighting game with a story that is quite engaging. Granted the story is very predictable it is told with a certain flair and style that makes you press along to see what craziness will happen next.

wonder woman

Without giving up spoilers the what-ifs that are presented throughout the story are enough for some thought provoking superhero talk. Each character stays true to self and the voice acting is top notch across the board.

If there is a downside to the story it is that some of the changing of characters to fight with feels forced. You can see the game attempts to get in all the rivalry fights they can but some of it is not necessary and could be omitted to keep the story tighter.

Final Verdict

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a good game. With a mostly clean presentation, the tried and true Mortal Kombat fighting system, and a story that is better than expected Injustice is worthy for superhero and fighting game fans alike.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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Isaiah "Hail Mary" Reed

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  1. Profile photo of XGpredator
    05/21/2013, 05:22

    It’s a good game , ♥ it

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  2. Profile photo of Jorge Lujan
    Jorge Lujan
    05/19/2013, 20:39

    i love this game so far. cyborg all day! booyah!!!

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