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New 3-in-1 Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

This new trailer from Rockstar does an excellent job at show casing tri-dimensional characters, each with their own different physiology, psychology, and sociology.

Judging from the trailer Michael is wealthy(probably acquired through criminal means)living in a high class neighborhood, has a wife, at least two kids(that look like whiny brats), and is going through a mid-life crisis. Michael is an older man who doesn’t look too fit, but he is fit enough to rob an armored car. His motivations behind his actions in the game are probably to change his current situation for a better one, or to feed an insatiable hunger for chaos, or a mix of both. It is also possible that his behavior is self-destructive and he wants to go down as a criminal in order to get away from his life.

Franklin appears to be the most level headed of the three protagonists. Although not stated, it is hinted at how Franklin may want rise above his current social status as a gang banger and make a living with out constantly risking his life. Franklin in young, is fit like an athlete, but is also shorter than other people(as compared to in the trailer). He lives in the ghetto where crime is a part of life and it is socially unacceptable to turn away from it. In the trailer he doesn’t seem to be getting along with his fellow gang-bangers. Much like Michael, he also doesn’t like environment he lives in and wishes to change it.

Trevor is a drug dealer and a lunatic by the looks of it. Trevor does whatever he wants, and what he wants appears to be to hang out with Michael. Everyone else seems to hate or fear Trevor’s company. Trevor is aggressive and violent towards everybody except for Michael. It is possible that the two of them have a history together as friends or possibly as partners in crime. Trevor looks to be around Michael’s age, but is more fit than he is. Compared to Franklin who also looks strong, Trevor seems to be much more physical in his body language than Franklin(he punches a lot more people too).

With this colorful cast of characters Grand Theft Auto 5 is sure to be one of the richer experiences in gaming this year.

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