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Dots for iOS Review

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Simplicity is king.

The newly released Dots for iOS is a spin on the popular bejeweled game as you must find groups of dots of at least two and connect them so they disappear and new dots fall from the top. Very basic, yet very fun.


Courtesy: laughingsquid.com


The Mechanics

The most important objective in Dots is to create squares. When you complete a square of any size the color that was used to make the square disappear from the board completely. All of these dots are added to your overall dots total and you want to get as many as you can in 60 seconds. The ability to use power ups is essential to the game as well when attempting to take down your friends high score. You can change a dot to a particular color, freeze time for five seconds, or remove the dots of one color all together. The game does a good job striking a balance between the power ups and gameplay so you don’t feel cheap using them. It definitely wasn’t hard to sit down and pass the time.

If you run out of power ups, you can use your accumulated dots through play to purchase more of them. Or if you’d rather cut to the chase dots can be purchased in game. 5,000 dots can be purchased for 69 cents, 15,000 dots for $1.49 and 50,000 dots for $2.99. These purchases definitely aren’t needed but see it as a tip to the developers since the game is free to play.


The game is fluid and intuitive. I never had an issue dragging my finger to connect dots showing that care was taken to make sure spacing was correct for play. There is no hesitation in frame rate and sharing your score in the menus is intuitive and done well. The game is also available for iPad but it is not formatted for the retina display or scaled to the correct screen size. This is a major complaint among iPad users and should be fixed in the next update according to apps info page.


Courtesy: All Things Digital


Dots is deserving of its 1 million downloads over the past month. In today’s app market you don’t have to make a complicated deep gaming app to have staying power or success. A game that is easy to start up, play for a minute or two, share, then shut down is sometimes all it takes. Excuse me while I go on a square hunting spree.

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Dots for iOS Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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