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Microsoft Press Conference Run-down

Microsoft Press Conference Run-down

Microsoft did a great job with their press conference, but there was also room to improve. They presented 20 titles between both the 360 and ONE, announced the price and release date, and they showed off new features such as Upload studio and streaming through TwitchTv.

The most notable games from the conference were Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, and Project Spark. Microsoft had several more games to show off, almost too many to fit in the 90 minutes they had. All of the titles were great, but some of them didn’t get nearly as much attention as the other games.

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One would be released this November, and is available for $499 in the US. As far as currency goes, Microsoft is also moving away from MS points and moving to “local currencies”.

Some of the new features of the Xbox One include “Upload studio”, a built in DVR that lets players record and edit game-play, and the ability to broadcast game-play live through TwitchTv. Gold members will also be able to share their membership perks locally on the same Xbox with profiles that aren’t gold.

Microsoft did reveal a new Xbox 360 that is supposed to look like the Xbox One, and is apparently available now for purchase. Microsoft did this to let the people know that there are still things to look forward to with the 360. Things such as having two free games per month if you are a Gold member.

Here is a list of all the games presented, in order of appearance:

– Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain (One) [The demo/trailer looked like a Japanese mellow drama.]

– World of Tanks (360) [Yeah, that’s nice… I guess.]

– Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (360) [This game honestly scared me a little when I saw it.]

– Dark Souls 2 (360) [I’ll prepare to not buy it again.]

– Ryse: Son of Rome (One) [Everyone keeps complaining about the quick-time events, but it looks like an Arkham style fighting mechanic. ]

– Killer Instinct (One) [Fuckin’ finally.]

– Sunset Overdrive (One) [Too much trailer, not enough game-play.]

– Forza 5 (One) [It’s pretty I guess.]

– Minecraft: Xbox One Edition [“Prepare to buy again” Edition]

– Quantum Break [meh…]

– D4[I have no clue what this is.]

– Project Spark (One) [Little big planet: Xbox edition]

– Crimson Dragon (One) [There was no sound for this.]

– Dead Rising 3 (One) [Finally, a Mexican protagonist!]

– Witcher 3 (One) [The only game where the player can have sexy time with a mermaid.]

– Battlefield 4 (One) [I’m more excited about battle front.]

– Below (One) [I wish I finished Sword&Sorcery EP]

– A Teaser from Black Tusk studio (One) [I think I missed the name somewhere. Everything happened so fast.]

– Halo (One) [I screamed like little girl.]

– Titanfall (One) [Amazing. Nuff said.]

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