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Xbox One Policies Altered

Xbox One Policies Altered

Microsoft has announced their decision to revert some of the Xbox One policies back to the 360 standards earlier today, due to heavy backlash from consumers.

Here are the changes:

– Online requirement is gone: Everyone can play any Xbox One game Offline with out restrictions or 24 hour check-ins.

– Trade-in your games the same as before: Simple.

Day-One Downloads on new games: Downloaded games are also playable offline.

– Region Lock is gone: “Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console — there will be no regional restrictions”, says Microsoft.

– No Digital Sharing: Microsoft had plans to let players share their games with up to nine people in their “Family” group, but those plans have been set aside for now.

– If someone people buy the disc copy of a game, they are required to have the disc in the tray, despite installing the game on to the hard drive. Assumptions have been made that this will serve as the “check” required to see if you really own the game.

Consumers have spent the last week bashing Microsoft continuously, while certain games journalists berated and defended the Xbox One console in a healthy fashion, and Microsoft actually listened.

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