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An Interview About Drift Stage

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Some months ago development began on a game that is a “modern evolution of the classic arcade racer”. Drift Stage is the game, and I had the chance to interview Chase Pettit, the programmer on Drift Stage. Check out the interview below

What is Drift Stage?
Drift Stage is our attempt to recapture a bit of the magic of the classic arcade racer, both in terms of gameplay and appearance. A lot of people have fond memories of games like OutRun, Hang-On, or even the early Ridge Racer games, but in spite of that, it’s a genre that’s been pretty neglected in recent years. We want Drift Stage to evoke that old-school feel with both its late 80’s inspired style and its easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay.

What inspired Drift Stage?
There’s a ton of stuff that we’re drawing inspiration from, but obviously the Yu Suzuki and Sega classics that defined the arcade racing genre have been prominent in our mind.

How long has Drift Stage been in development?
Not very long. Maybe two months.

In terms of a storyline, what can we expect?
This is something we’re still developing, but we want to build a cast of characters, with a level of variety akin to SSX and have fairly straightforward storylines to accompany them – something that provides a little motivation for them without distracting too much from the core gameplay.

What level of customization will be available for the cars?
Not sure yet, but we’ve discussed doing some things similar to what’s available in Sky Rogue, another game that Charles has done the art for.

Devolver Digital has shown an interest in publishing Drift Stage. What are your thoughts on this?
No comment.

In regards to multiplayer, what can we expect?
We’re planning to have the standard offering of leaderboards and online multiplayer, but we also have some other ideas that we aren’t ready to talk about quite yet.


When will Drift Stage be available?
It’s still too early for us to think about putting a pin in the calendar, but stay tuned and we’ll let you know when we have more info. Follow us on Twitter/Tumblr, and you can register for e-mail updates at driftstagegame.com

You can check out the Drift Stage – Sunset City Pre-Alpha trailer below.

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