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Madden 15 Preview

Madden, Saints Panthers

It’s August, which can only mean one thing. Football is back, and Madden 15 is set to release August 26th across all major console platforms.

Madden 15 is placing a heavy emphasis on defense with new pass rush moves and tackling mechanics to help bring into balance a game that has favored the offense throughout the years. Longtime Madden players remember the days of corner and hitch route exploits that made certain plays impossible to defend. But Madden seems to be taking that next step in making defense just as fun to play as offense.


Credit: goodgamebro.com

The Defense

The most obvious change is the “All-New Tackling Mechanic” (original right?) that now shows users a tackling cone when they’re controlling a defender. When the ball carrier enters into the zone it will turn green and you can attempt a conservative tackle or a higher risk diving tackle. The mechanic makes it much easier to determine a players tackling range and gives more options than the usual regular tackle or Hitstick.

Another spot being overhauled on the defensive side of the ball is the D-line play. The power and finesse pass rush moves have been simplified to one button and a direction on the left stick. EA claims that the moves feel more responsive in this setup than using just the right stick last year. QB contain has also been revamped to make pass rushers keep their outside shoulder free and not get too far upfield. Containing those players online who scramble out to a side every play should be a lot easier this year.


Credit: IGN.com

The Offense

Not too much has been changed gameplay wise on the offensive side of the ball. The presentation however is a whole different story.

Playcalling is now much more in depth allowing gamers to not only search for plays by route concept or player, but by success rate as well. While playing, Madden records data on the most run plays and their success rate against certain defenses and then uploads them to the online community. By going into the coach suggestions filter on the playcalling screen the data from all other users will be used to recommend a play call.

There are a few new bells and whistles in the pre-snap menu that now allow gamers to see the individual match ups between opposing linemen or corners versus receivers. For die hard football fans it would be obvious that Vernon Davis has a speed advantage on almost every safety in the league but for those not as die hard it’s a helpful feature.

With these changes, there are the usual A.I. and graphical upgrades that come with every cycle of Madden. Once we get our hands on the game we’ll be back with a full review to see if EA can live up to the hype its generating over this years game. Let us know if you plan on getting Madden 15 and why in the comments below. See you on the field.

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