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Rudy “Decker080” Villalobos

Rudy’s passion for video games came mostly from his babysitters: PlayStation and Genesis.
Rudy has since become a professional nerd, engaging in various acts of nerdom such as: building PCs, making key chains out of expensive GPUs, putting hard drives in places they do not belong and managing the editors at Game Override. Rudy’s passion for video games, as well as his education in Public Relations, led him to start Game Override and seek out a staff of video game enthusiasts.
When not bathing in the tears of his editors, the Texas-native spends his time working in the Air Force Reserve—no doubt a consequence of idolizing Will Smith for his role in Independence Day. Rudy’s only weaknesses are Spanish and Asian schoolgirls, while his greatest strength lies in his ability to manipulate time itself.

Favorite Game(s): Total War series
Favorite Genre(s): Strategy or competitive FPS


Joshua William Chan
Copy Editor

Joshua William Chan is a fan of many fictions, most of them being video games. He also enjoys movies, food, and traveling. He proof reads and edits every article that gets posted on Game Override.com and he occasionally writes a story or two. He owns an Xbox 360 and PC rig, and loves them both. Its hard for him to pin point what his favorite game is, but it doesn’t matter because great games are made all the time.

Favorite Genre(s): FPS, RPG, RTS


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Community Managers


Isaiah Reed

Isaiah’s short attention span can only be remedied by one thing. Video games. Since he got his first SNES console he has never lived without some type of gaming system in his home. He also knew that gaming was going to have a major influence on his life when he played his first Madden game (Madden 2001) on Playstation. Ever since then competitive gaming was his calling and now he will not buy a game that doesn’t have some multiplayer element (except the Final Fantasy series).
Accolades: North Houston Madden 10 Champion
Reading minds is also a talent he is working on acquiring.
His favorite activities are: gaming, watching sports, and using Twitter (far too much).
Favorite Game(s): Madden series, Tekken Series, Gears of War series, Final Fantasy series

Favorite Genre(s): Sports, Fighting, FPS