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Join a group of highly motivated, dedicated and talented video game enthusiasts.

At Game Override, we are constantly looking for driven individuals with a passion for playing and discussing video games to join us as we continue to create exciting content for the gaming community.


We are currently looking for individuals to fill the following roles

Design Editor –  The Design Editor will create promotional materials and will also assist with front-end web design. Applicants must be familiar with photo-editing software, vector art, motion graphics and web-design.

Community Manager – The Community Manager will assist in fostering a sense of community both online and at local events. The members will assist in producing content to the Game Override social media accounts. Applicant must be outspoken and have exceptional interpersonal skills as well as an advanced knowledge of popular gaming forums, Tumblr, Deviantart, Reddit, Twitter and various video game media outlets.

CopyWriters– Must be highly motivated, have time management skills, be passionate about video games and a skilled writer. Familiarity with AP style is preferred but not required.




Game Override is an independent video game media source dedicated to connecting our audience to the video game industry. With this in mind, we are working to develop high quality content to be praised and enjoyed by people all over the world.


Highly motivated individuals that are dedicated and passionate about what they do. 

We ask a lot from our members. It is absolutely essential that our members be responsible, dedicated and passionate about video games. This is the most important criteria.

Have an exceptional knowledge about video games and all things nerdy. 

As a member of Game Override you will be given the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience. Therefore we must challenge our staff to maintain a high standard of video game knowledge. We are looking for individuals that view games as more than just a fun pastime, but rather a possible career.

Have an outgoing personality and be willing to work with others on a daily basis.

Game Override is an extremely cooperative environment. Good communication skills are central to what we do, not only in writing our articles and producing media, but in group meetings and the editing process as well.

Be active on Facebook, Twitter and have a Google account.

Our team members communicate daily via these social mediums.

Writers positions – Be able to contribute at least 3 articles each week. (AP Style preferred)

The video game industry never sleeps. We ask that our writers contribute a minimum of 4 articles each week so that new information is constantly circulating our website.

Sample work.

If you have gotten this far, DON’T TURN BACK NOW! Your sample piece doesn’t need to be a long, perfectly crafted piece of literature. Just show us what you like to write about.



Most of the positions at Game Override are unpaid. However we do offer several competitive incentives. Along with jump-starting a career in the gaming industry we also offer great opportunities for our members to network with professionals in the game development community. Our members consider the relationships they formed through Game Override to be more valuable then money.

These requirements are not here to scare you into roaming more craigslist posts for writing jobs. If you have a genuine interest in the gaming industry, you play well with others and you want a career in this field, we would love for you to contact us at: