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The Schedule

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Chat “Guidlines”

We at Game Override want to make our chat a fun and friendly environment for everyone. We try not to limit or restrict our chat as much as possible. However, for the enjoyment of all of the members in chat we has set a few guidelines.

1. Make sure to have fun! Do not fear saying hello to everyone! :)

2. For the enjoyment of all of those in chat, no offensive remarks to another chat member’s religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. For example, using “gay” or the “n-word” as an insult or chauvinist jokes.

3. Please refrain from backseat gaming. It can be disruptive to the enjoyment and atmosphere of the stream if too many people are providing orations of how they want us to play the game. We value the opinions and views of our fans. Be mindful that we can distinguish between people trying to help and people trying to be annoying, therefore please don’t be deterred from helping us, just ask first or wait till we ask for help.

4. Please, do not spoil any video games, books, movies, etc. that have only recently come out (under three months).

5. Ask before posting links. Asking permission provides peace of mind for both the streamer and moderators of the channel. We love links, but we have to make sure that we filter out the porn.

6. Don’t be a dick. Our mods are very nice people and do not timeout or ban unless it is absolutely necessary.