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Divekick Release Date, Price Announced

The release date for Divekick, the two button fighter game developed by One True Game Studios and published by Iron Galaxy Studios, was just announced during EVO 2013. The game will be available on Pl... Read More »

Evo Stage

Evolution Championship Series 2013, July 12-14

The Evolution Championship Series (Evo for short) 2013, begins this weekend in Las Vegas at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. Evo “…represents the largest and longest-running fighting ... Read More »

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Runner 2 DLC Released on Steam

Gaijin Games’ Runner 2 is getting 7 new characters and one Steam-exclusive character in the form of a DLC today. The Good Friends Character Pack DLC will release on Steam first, and then release... Read More »

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review

Spoiler Alert!: This review contains parts of the main plot and specific decisions throughout the game. Staying true to formula The Walking Dead: 400 Days continues using great storytelling and an eve... Read More »

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Ubisoft Hacked

Ubisoft Hacked

Ubisoft issued out a mass email to its users today declaring that their account information database had been compromised and that all users should change their passwords immediately. Ubisoft makes ve... Read More »

A Look into iOS 7 Beta 2

A Look into iOS 7 Beta 2

After the release of iOS 7 Beta 2 on Monday I decided to take the plunge and give the new OS a try, and so far it’s been a love hate relationship. The potential for something new and refreshing ... Read More »

Shank screenshot

The Humble Weekly Sale, Klei Entertainment titles

For the next week, Klei Entertainment titles Shank 2, Shank, and Eets are available through The Humble Weekly Sale. As per usual, the pay what you want pricing model is intact, and Electronic Frontier... Read More »

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep screenshot

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep released

Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, the fourth campaign DLC for Borderlands 2 was released Tuesday. The DLC will have players taking part in a Dungeons & Dragons-esque game called Bunkers &a... Read More »

PlayStation 4 user interface video screenshot

PS4 user interface shown in video

Back in February, screenshots of the PlayStation 4 user interface were released and consumers got a glimpse of the user interface. There’s a significant difference between the PS4 user interface... Read More »

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Hotline Miami on PlayStation next week

Hotline Miami, the award winning 2D top-down action game from Dennaton Games, is scheduled to arrive on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita next week. The news about Hotline Miami coming to PS3 and... Read More »

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